Monday, October 22, 2007

Blogmentor Parampara

So... Ladies and Gentlemen, I am here, finally. Been thinking of starting a blog for the past two years but it never materialised for the usual reasons. One of these Web 2.0 sites should study what inhibits people like me with an initial inclination to blog/interact on the web and makes them put it off for later. And probably also why interest wanes after a while.

Among others, the two things that helped it happen are :

(a) Inspiration from a friend whom I should call my "blogmentor" Ramnath
( ) and
(b) a laptop, broadband connection in my room.

I was never comfortable about the idea of blogging from office and I am too lazy to walk down all the way to a cyber cafe for the noble cause of creative writing.

Two things to create when you need to make people buy a product/service:
1. Interest and
2. Access. (Aaha, what gyaan !!) .

There should be something like the blogmentor parampara like the guru-shishya parampara, who inspired whom to start blogging.

Started the blog on the Vijayadasami day, but quite funny that I didn't know what to write after I created the blog. So today I thought I will push myself to write something up. To call it a writer's block will be too hi-fi a term to describe the starting trouble. Nor can I say my mind went blank, you might think I have attained too high a spiritual state too quickly. Probably I should start by providing links to stuff I have written earlier but that would be like serving cold bindi fry from the refridgerator, the majaa is lost, not on Day 1, so will reserve that for a gloomy day. Hopefully, I will pick up some momentum and write without pushing.

In the meanwhile, you are welcome to push me. And thanks Ramnath for the first.


  1. Vanakkam Gurugaaru....

    Waiting to learn from the Guru himself (am i referring back to your Guru-Sishya Parampara!)

    Welcome to Blogging...

  2. When the fastest runner in the world comes to the Hill-view stadium and is asked to perform... Well! Namaji has really underplayed his talents both in narrations and imageries. Those who are new to him.... pl. don't get B(l)ogged down by this blog.


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